All in one wordpress migration plugin is something I have been using for the past three years to export a wordpress website and import it on another website. When I am working on a new wordpress website, I work locally on my computer and then I upload it on a server once I am ready.

This time, I had serious trouble. After I had spent two whole days trying to import the website online using the plugin, I failed miserably. I looked all over the internet to find a solution. I did whatever I could from increasing the max_upload_size, to importing the website manually using phpmyadmin.

At first I thought that it was an issue related to the plugin but I was so wrong. Go to solution or keep on reading.

The error messages I was facing

When i tried to import the website using all in one wordpress migration plugin I was having the following error: unable to import. It was a generic error and after looking for help, I have updated some settings in the php.ini and also wp-config.php file with zero luck.

After that I tried to import the database and upload the wordpress files manually. Whenever i tried to import the database manually I was facing the following error:  Missing expression. (near “ON” at position 25) SQL query: Edit Edit SET FOREIGN_KEY_CHECKS = ON; MySQL said: Documentation #2006 – MySQL server has gone away

This error I had never seen before. I tried to search only for help and again, no luck.

My hosting support service – godaddy

With go daddy i have over thirty domains and fifteen websites installed. I have been a client of godaddy for the past seven years. So I reached out godaddy for help. After six hours waiting in the queue for a chat, the first customer support agent was hopeless. He kept saying that my database was corrupted. True a database can get corrupted although it is very difficult. I setup a fresh install locally and the database was imported successfully. He also told me that my package has a limitation of 1gb database upload and i need to upgrate my hosting package. I made it clear that my database is just 111mb so what he said was irrelevant to me.

After disconnecting, I tried to reach godaddy again. This time, the second customer support agent tried to upload the database himself. His first try was successful. After it was a success he decided to give it a go for the second and also third time. The second and third time failed.

I made it clear that it is not a database issue because when he uploaded the database for the first time, it was a success.

The solution

I am not a type of person who stops fighting and thank god for that. After I had no luck with godaddy support (although the second support agent was very close), I have decided to try something different.

I decided to try and upload the website using all in one wordpress plugin on another hosting service. I chose namecheap because they always had good prices and heard good things about them. After creating an account and setting up wordpress on namecheap hosting it was time to give it a go.

Finally success! On just the first attempt and using all in one wordpress plugin, my website was live just after 30 minutes! To my knowledge, if the database was corrupted, it would have failed uploading also on namecheap. Now I am even more convinced that the issue is related to godaddy. Either they have some settings not set correctly or something else.

After I had spent two whole days (Saturday and Sunday) tried to upload a simple website on godaddy with no success, I felt that now it is the time to switch everything I have on godaddy to namecheap. In the limited time I have available working on personl projects, I cannot waste time just trying to fix things and troubleshooting. Time is money!

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